Amazon Flex Program Earn Money Online

Amazon Flex Program

Amazon India has launched Amazon Flex Program a chance for personage to work part-time, planning their program and earn Rs 120 to 140 per hour delivering packages on behalf of Amazon that’s name is Amazon Flex.

Amazon Flex is a ride-share opportunity that authorities you to earn money by delivering to Amazon customers in your city. Amazon Flex, the program, Amazon says, works within an app and will generate tens of thousands of part-time opportunities for somebody to further their earning potential bypassing Amazon packages through their additional time. 

The program is currently accessible in more than 50 cities across the nation and has advanced to grow to new locations since it debuted in 2015.

You complete the “last-mile” delivery, which means you improve Amazon deliver its aggregates from its environmental centers to consumers. As an Amazon driver, you will tell Amazon when you want to work, whether it’s two, four, eight or 12 hours in a day.

Throughout your shift, you will pick up boxes at the most expected Amazon location and deliver them to people in your local neighborhood. Amazon is investigating its delivery operators to take selfies so it can support their personalities using facial identification.

Everyone wants to earn a little side cash now and then. Several people who are interested in balancing a side-gig turn to ride-share programs like Uber or Amazon in their additional time, putting their car and smartphone to vigorous use.

Amazon Flex: How To Sign Up

To sign up for an Amazon view gig, you can travel over to Amazon Flex or download the Flex app through the Google Play or App Store.

The web page or app will assist you to answer a few questions about your region, the vehicle you drive and your contact data.

To work for Amazon Flex, you have to secure the vehicle, be over the age of 21, pass a background check and have an Android smartphone.

After the pass, a knowledge check: Amazon will prepare your background check within two to five days and will confirm that you don’t have an account of felonies or other major unlawful aggression in the last seven years.

Charges of theft or intensity will automatically exclude you.  The laws pertain to drivers in the Amazon Flex program, within which they perform performances with their cars as independent contractors, the company confirmed to the Boundary.

After eventually recommended as a driver, a process that germinated weeks, I signed up for a shift.

Flex drivers get business by opening the app and clicking on available shifts; current Flex drivers told that newbies get offered the best minutes and times.


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